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I'm taking an entire day to get back on top of my housework.  It feels good to just decide to do that, and nothing else, for a whole day.  I look grungy and I'm sweatin' like I've run a marathon.  I've been up to my elbows in fridge-gunk and dirty clothes.  And I love it!!   My home and family have been falling to the bottom of my to-do list for the past few weeks and we have been in survival mode.  I HATE survival mode.  I just took a breather to pay some bills online so I thought I'd compose a clever post here, too.  Turns out I thought wrong.  I may not be clever today, but boy are my floors sparklin'!  Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous23 June, 2011

    Sometimes you have got to just stop and focus on the task at hand..Don't work too hard..Have a great week..

  2. I'm doing the same today! Only I had to work all I'm not moving at quite the same pace. HAHA! I want to order cupcakes from you!!!

  3. Hello, new to your blog! Love it. I'm your newest follower.


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