My 3 Monsters: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! We're Home From Camp and We Didn't Die!

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! We're Home From Camp and We Didn't Die!

We survived camp again -- my 6th as a leader, 13th total, Sydney's 2nd, and the most exciting by far.  There was a bear spotted in and around camp several times throughout the weekend.  Monday night, the last night of camp, they moved us all out of our individual cabins and into the craft cabin for the night.  It was wall to wall mattresses, two people to a mattress for the whole night.  And you may think the girls would be scared, but you'd be wrong.  Most of my girls were just sad that they hadn't seen the bear yet.  Had we not been locked in a cabin for the night with several adults watching them, they might have sneaked out in the night and gone looking for it.  So there was wisdom in the decision to confine them, for sure.  I kept telling the girls how lucky they were -- in my 13 years of camp I've never had a more interesting story to tell.  They'll never forget this year of camp ever.  Here are an assortment of photos from my camera:
The Medieval Fortress.  The camp theme was Yesterday, Today and Forever.  Each group was a different era in history. Ours was the best. :-)

Cabin decor, in all its glory.

"Crystal" goblets for their royal water breaks.

The penny charms we made to identify the goblets.

See the bear paw print in the pollen on the porch of one of the cabins?  Sweet!

Walking to church.

My Medieval Princesses.

The Tuesday morning aftermath.  The mattresses were three across and probably 15 deep.  Surprisingly, most of the girls slept pretty well, I think.
Here's a video of my little princesses doing their dance on the last night, pre bear-lockdown: Princesses Gone Wild!!!

Best. Girls Camp. Ever!!!  And now I can sit back and enjoy my summer.  *sigh*


  1. I LOVE the story and it isn't even mine! Our ward is lucky to have you leading and guiding these girls. You are a great example to them and will help them all reach their fullest potential!
    We're glad you are home safe and sound (no bear attacks). Relax mama - you deserve it!

  2. ill be honest..... i was our one scared girl..... now im sad i didnt see it


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