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Yummy Summery Goodness

The boys went to the drive-in movies last night to see some of those so-not-interesting-to-me summer blockbusters while Sis and I chilled at home catching up on So You Think You Can Dance and Pretty Little Liars.  Hey, don't judge.  It's called staying hip or bonding with your teen or no brain required time - all absolutely necessary for mental health.  What better time to whip up some candy popcorn?!  OK, so actually I didn't get around to it because I was making b-day crepes and b-day dinner and cleaning the ever-loving mess of house we live in, but I thought about it all day a couple times yesterday.  It would have been the perfect compliment to the "We're so sorry to tell you . . . {dramatic pause} . . . that you MADE it . . . {pause} . . . into the group which is going home . . . {pause} . . . to pack your bags . . . {pause} . . . and come back . . . {pause} . . . to NOT dance . . . {extra long pause} . . . on another show, because you made the Top Twenty!" revelations we endured.  So let's just pretend that I did in fact make a couple batches shall we?  I probably will today because now I really can't stop thinking about it.  And for-sure we'll be taking it when we watch fireworks on the 4th.  I'll get my act together by then . . .

When we had our Youth Film Festival at church last month I set up a retro-style snack stand for refreshments.  Remember when we were kids and there were gourmet popcorn stores  in mall food courts?  And they had delicious sour-cream and onion popcorn and that crunchy vanilla or raspberry candy coated popcorn that they colored to match the seasons or holidays?  I loved those stores.  I found some awesome recipes for the film festival that I have made several times since.  They are easy and quick and take me right back to my ten-year-old happy place.  Enjoy!

{click images to enlarge then right click to download and save to your computer - if you want to, that is)
* For the Sour Cream and Onion popcorn, just sprinkle a S.C &O. powdered dip mix {or Ranch if you prefer} over fresh hot buttered popcorn.  Delish!


  1. Can we do the 4th at my house? I am totally craving the popcorn :)

  2. Sweet, because you've got THE BEST pool!!! I love the compound!


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