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Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover

HI friends!  I'm down to counting hours until I leave for Girls Camp.  I am equal parts excited and stressed out -- as usual.  I've been amassing a huge pile in my bedroom of everything I need to take with me for the craft cabin.  While I was laying in bed last night going over my mental to-do list I couldn't help but notice that my ironing board was super ugly.  I mean REEEEEALLY ugly.  Like all brown-spotted, charred, and water-stained ugly.  Like so ugly I didn't even take a before picture.  Plus, it didn't match my cabin decor.  {The horror!}

I've been thinking about buying a new cover for it for a while and just haven't ever done it.  This may come as a shock to y'all, but I rarely think about ironing so having a cute ironing board has hardly been a top priority.  {Until the cuteness of my craft cabin was in danger, that is.}  I have a few hours until I leave.  How hard could it be to just make one, right? So I decided to take some cute Amy Butler fabric from my stash and whip one up this morning.

Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover at

Really, it was super easy.  I wish I had done it long ago, but sometimes I need a kick in the pants {like the shameful thought of all those teenage girls judging my ugly ironing board - lol} to get stuff done.  Here are a few really good tutorials that I looked at before diving into this project:

{from Sweet Verbena -- I pieced together fabric just like she did to get the right length.}

{from The Purl Bee -- I liked the idea of adding batting to give it a nicer feel.I just so happened to have some fusible batting on my sewing closet.  Lucky day!}

{from Sew Spoiled -- I instantly fell in love with this fabric!!}

{from The 36th Avenue -- I used elastic in my casing to hold the cover on just like this.}

Make Your Own Ironing Board Cover at

I used different aspects of several different tutorials to create my cover.  However you do it, I promise you'll be thrilled with the result.  There's just something about a bright, pretty new cover to take the drudgery out of this less-than-favorite chore.

Have a great day everyone.  Wish me luck surviving camp!

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