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Get it?????  Brown paper packages tied up with string . . . a few of my favorite things????  I know, I'm teetering on the brink of the deep end over here.  I just thought I'd try to get a better picture of my gift wrap this year for posterity's sake.  Not that I succeeded.  I thought I'd also share a little freebie I've come across.  I'm giving tons of gift cards this year because, really, if we're being honest, precious few people (myself included) are really good gift-givers who intuitively know exactly how to thrill every person on their Christmas list. And because, if we're still being honest, a gift card is cheap to ship.   But it has saddened me to not have a fantastic way to wrap those tiny little babies . . . UNTIL NOW!  See that cute little box on the left up there?  I used this pattern and made a bunch of those fun boxes all by my big-girl self.  It's kind of like a big matchbox -- the little center compartment slides out of the sleeve to reveal the big (little) gift.  They were the perfect size for my vintage labels.  Notice how I put the stickers on top of the string to deter my little peekers (ahem, Brent) and the stickers under the string for the folks I thought I could trust.  Oh, the holidays are good times!

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