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Holy Christmas Spirit, Batman!

I've been feeling uncharacteristically "jolly" all weekend.  Not that I'm ordinarily a Grinch this time of year, I just don't ooze holiday merriment like some folks.  (I'm picturing that scene from The Santa Clause 2 where what's-her-name from SNL sings a stirring rendition of "Man, It Feels Like Christmas" on her blind date with that one guy.  If you've seen it you know what I'm talking about.)  Maybe it has something to do with the cool temperatures and the rain lately.  That's a real treat around these parts.  Perhaps it was due to spending the better part of my Saturday getting lights up on our house for the first time in three years.  OK, let's be honest . . . We spent the longer part of my Saturday doing that.  The better part of my Saturday was when we wandered around the Mesa Mormon Temple grounds sipping cups of Coconut Tres Leches Hot Chocolate (Thanks, Kristen!) while oohing and aahing over the lights and the choral music.  Truly lovely.

It may be due to the fact that, after 13 years, my dear husband and I have finally hammered out the "Official B & Amy G Christmas Tradition Treaty of 2009".  See, we both come from fantastic families with rich histories of seasonal celebrations.  Neither of us really wanted to relinquish the opportunity to share our fond childhood memories with our progeny.  Not that we fought about it.  Ever.  We have just kind of walked on eggshells this time of year, neither of us wanting to offend by taking control,  really doing nothing consistently enough for our children to get those butterflies of anticipation in their stomach about doing this or that just like the year before.  Henceforth there will be complete unity in the revelry at our home.  I gave up my crackers and cheese dinner on Christmas Eve to make room for a Gregson family roast, potatoes and yorkshire pudding feast, but I refuse to serve juice mixed with Sprite.  We'll have Shirley Temples instead.  I'm keeping my home-made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and moving the crackers and cheese/ finger foods to Christmas day.  I will have juice on hand, and I promise to turn a blind eye to whatever happens with the left-over ginger ale from the Shirley Temples.  We will make Linzer Schnitten and Swedish Creme Wafers (oh, how I love those cookies even though I don't make them quite right . . . yet.) but I refuse to even try to dip chocolates like Brent's mom.  I'll make my cinnamon rolls in the shape of a wreath, but I refuse to make them for everyone we know just like my mom did.  Brent will make his ice cream cake for Christmas Eve, but I HAVE to have my Christmas pie the next day.  That was a deal breaker for me. We even made up a few of our own on the fly, like filling our advent calendar with fun family activities and a few surprises ($5 bills and the opportunity to open a gift early) instead of candy.  That one is going over quite well so far.

It could be any of those things.  Probably it's the fact that in four short days the kids will be out of school, B done with work for a week and I can enter full-on "vacay at home" mode.  *sigh*


  1. We only brought over one tradition from the Bradshaws--mostly because they didn't have consistent traditions either. So I pretty much get to do things my way:) Enjoy your holidays. (We might be down that way the week after Christmas and would love to see you guys if you're not too busy.)
    p.s. Yummmm, roast, potatoes and yorkshire pudding--we used to have that for Sunday dinners growing up.
    p.p.s. Is it weird that I get vicarious joy through you sharing your talents on your blog? It's delightful. Keep it up.

  2. Haha! I make Josh eat cheese and crackers every Christmas Eve!


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