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Thanks all for commenting on my last post.  I tweaked a few things and it seems as though I have solved many of the issues folks were experiencing.  This week has gotten a little bit crazy around here, as weeks in December tend to do.  Friday night was our big Christmas party at church, for which Brent was primarily responsible.  He and his committee did a fantastic job with their Polar Express theme.  The food was to-die-for delicious (smoked pork loin that was so juicy and tender it was like meat-candy -- crazy good),  the turn-out was overwhelming (to say the least), and good times were had by all.  While technically not an activities committee member, I jumped in to add a little feminine touch -- finessing the set-up and decor just a smidge.  It was a fantastic evening.  But I was busy.  And tired.  So I didn't blog.

Yesterday we spent the whole day setting up our Christmas tree and decorating at home.  It's always a fun little stroll down memory lane as we open each set of ornaments . . . the star that I bought for our first married Christmas, the angels I made out of scraps of muslin when we were in college and too poor to buy decorations,  the snowmen made out of my kids old baby socks which signified we were done doing "the baby thing" around here, the 100 felt snowflakes (20 different designs) I cut by hand that one year I was just crazy enough to think it might be fun, the cinnamon gingerbread men I made over in our little rental house on Folley Street that STILL smell delicious . . .  And don't even get me (or my kids) started on their personal ornaments.  We could reminisce all day about those.  In fact we did.  And it was lovely. So I didn't blog.

Tonight I'm wrapping gifts (if I can find any cotton-pickin' scotch tape in this stinkin' house) and after that I plan to relax.  And enjoy the season.  And blog.


  1. I am so with you on the little "and I didn't blog" part. It has been a crazy December and posting ended up coming in last...more like not at all! We're all here!! Have fun & DO relax & enjoy!

  2. I want to see pics of your baby sock snowmen an felt snowflakes! I need ideas for cute homemade decorations! :)


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