My 3 Monsters: Late for Church -- the HORROR!

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Late for Church -- the HORROR!

Now, understand as I say this that we usually leave our house by 11:10 for the 11:30 meeting.  And it takes us all of five minutes to drive there.  (Shut up.  Promptness is just our "thing".)  So, you'll understandably take it with a grain of salt when I tell you that we didn't leave our house this lovely morning until 11:22 which put an inordinate amount of stress on my co-parental unit.  But I couldn't help it!  B left for his ward council meeting this morning and the kids and I settled in on the couch laughing and talking, fashioning a fancy up-do in Sis's hair and reading Christmas books from our annually-enlarging collection.  I had one eye on the clock.  9:45.  10:15.  Then 10:30.  Only Sis, who was excited about putting on her new Christmas frock, had bathed and readied for the day.  I knew we were going to be in trouble, but I couldn't bring myself to break up the "moment".  We made it to the meeting on time (by everyone's standards but ours) and even got to sit in the pews in the chapel, not the overflow.  Who cares that I was wearing a day-old hairdo, Riley had a bit of bed head, and D ended up with brown shoes, navy socks, black (too-short) pants, a burgundy and navy striped  polo and no belt?  What will matter in the long run is the "moment" we shared together.  (Please remind me that's true because I'm horrified anew at the thought of what we must have looked like today.)


  1. We made it just as Primary was starting today.

  2. Well, I thought you, specifically, looked beautiful today. I was checking you out all day :) And I was on the stand, so I had a good vantage point! I really loved your pretty green blouse.


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