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Pass the Culture, Please.

Brent has taken this entire week off from work.  *It makes me giddy just typing those words.*  We spent all last week deep cleaning the house, finishing our shopping, and doing every possible "job" we could think of so that we could take the next five days and completely devote them to making family memories.  On the list of possibilities:  dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, ice skating (thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Great's Christmas money!) and attending fun museums.  Our local library has these wonderful things called "Culture Passes" available for check out which allow four people to attend various museums around the valley for free. It's pretty competitive to get the good ones -- namely the zoo, the science center, and the dinosaur museum.  I was able to get one for the Children's Museum today. My kids are off-the-wall excited about riding the Light Rail  train downtown to the museum.  I'm sticking a batch of my Sweet & Spicy Chili in the crock pot before we head out so we can come home to a delicious, warm dinner.  Here's hoping it's as idyllic as I'm imagining it to be . . .

(And that we can get a pass to one of the really good museums Tuesday or Wednesday.  Wish us luck!)

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