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Back in a "Flash"

We're home from Girls Camp!!!!!  Hooray!!!!!  I really think this was my favorite year yet.  My girls all got along (for the most part) and we had a great time together.  Sydney had a blast -- the archery, the dancing, the skits, the obstacle course . . . . Especially the obstacle course where she fell into the "Pool of Peril" instead of swinging over it and they renamed it "Sydney Harbor" in her honor.   Super fun.  We hiked. We laughed. We cried. We froze our little booties off.  I braided hair.  I wiped tears.  I re-braided hair. I danced like a dork and embarrassed my girls. (Though I know they really loved it or they wouldn't have kept coming back for more.)   The girls learned how to "Find the Hero Within" by reaching out to others and using their unique talents and gifts to bless the live of those around them.  As "The Flash"  my girls learned to run, not walk, away from sin just as Joseph ran from the advances of Potipher's wife. And that a virtuous young woman who keeps herself free from sin is the most precious thing in this world -- even more precious than rubies (or "diamond" Swarovski crystals, which is what I found to put on the necklaces I made for them).  I wouldn't trade the last five days with my daughter and my "cabin daughters" for anything in the world.  (But I'm glad to be home where it's not a quarter mile walk in the dirt to use the restroom in the middle of the night and I can shower more than once every five days.)

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  1. Does Sydney know how stinking awesome her mother is? Just wondering . . . It looks like you had a blast!


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