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Last week we kept my friends children overnight so they could have a little getaway.  It was fun to have a babies in the house again, if only for a moment.  Their two year old daughter reminds me so much of Sydney at that age -- all chatty and sweet with a dash of sassy.  As Delia was talking, binky still in her mouth, about visiting the friendly cow and giving him a hug, my heart broke a little bit.  I used to have those conversations with Sis when she was a little chunk-a-lunk who would sit on my lap and chatter away for hours on end.  I miss that.  Kind of.  Our relationship now is equally enjoyable . . . just different.  Case in point:  We were at the store the other day spending her birthday money and as we passed the lingerie department I remembered I needed a new bra.  I asked Sis if we could duck in there really quick, fully expecting her to be mortified at the very thought.  She gladly accepted the idea and began looking at a rack of cute candy-colored bras, presumably for herself.  I was walking among the racks hemming and hawing, not knowing which one to get.  Sis walked up beside me, watched me for a minute, and said in jest, "Maybe you're not emotionally ready for this, Mom.  Maybe we should come back when you're more emotionally open to buying a bra."  WHA . . .?!  I assured her I was "emotionally open" to getting a new bra, I just couldn't decide what I wanted because at my age it's not just about the cute colors.  Ever helpful, Sis jumped right in.  "Well . . . do you want age-defying lift or wireless comfort?  Those seem like your best options."  I thought for a moment.  Both sounded good.  I could use both of those things.  Which was more important?!  "Oh, look!  Here's one with both!"  Sis excitedly held up her find.  This is my baby girl here.  When did she become my bra-shopping friend?  The transition happened so fast. I feel like I blinked and missed it.  Like I went to bed one night with a little girl and woke up the next morning with . . . something else.  Not really a woman, not my peer.  But someone I really enjoy being with.  Someone who can find a dang good bra when she puts her mind to it.  I'm just still trying to process it all -- trying to decide if I'm "emotionally open" to this whole growing up thing.

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  1. Anonymous22 June, 2010

    How old is your daughter? I need to brace for this day - mine is 4 1/2.. please tell me I have a few more years to go - LOL!


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