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Dad vs. Food

(Please excuse the horrible cell phone picture.  It's bad.  Real bad.)  We've been watching a lot of the travel channel lately around here.  Why?  My family is obsessed with the show Man vs. Food.  This crazy man travels around the country sampling local favorite in each area he visits.  He always ends the show by taking a huge, and usually hugely disgusting, eating challenge.  We were watching a particular episode recently where Adam Richman, the host, visited a restaurant famous for their pancakes. Big whoop. Pancakes is pancakes, right?  Not so.  At this establishment they cooked bacon and/or sausage right into the pancake.  Then, THEN, they topped off two huge, plate-sized pancakes with two poached eggs and drowned the whole thing in syrup.  Every member of my family sat in stunned silence as Adam ate those delectable pancakes.  And it was then that I knew what had to be done.  Father's Day 2010 . . . the year of the bacon pancake!  We also gave him a ticket to a concert and some shoe polish, but somehow I feel like those paled in comparison to the holy grail of pancake feasts we set before him tonight.  (Yeah, we eat pancakes for dinner here.)  I've been really blessed with a lot of really great men in my life.  Brent, Dad, Don, I love you all.  I wouldn't be who I am, where I am today if not for the love and support of each of you.  Thanks millions for all you've done and all you continue to do.


    Just imagine what that pancake feast would have been if you had used my "Liquid Gold". It would have been some serious eating with some serious cardiac arrest afterwards. :) We love that show too, but I always think about how horribly unhealthy he must feel after consuming so much food.

  2. Sorry, that above comment was from me. Dang teenage girl sharing my computer...

  3. I'm a little offended by his england jersey. Last time I checked you guys still lived in AMERICA!!

  4. I've been dying to try the sausage pancakes ever since I saw that episode!!

  5. Kristen -- I offered to make the "liquid gold". I usually do. We keep a bottle of lite syrup in the house for Riley since regular syrup gives him a headache -- too much sugar. Brent was the one who decided we would just use that for this meal. I'm so ashamed.


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