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My 6 Monsters: Now With Twice the Chaos!

We are watching my friends kids overnight tonight.  Three of them, the eldest being the same age as my youngest.  The youngest being four and a half months.   So, yeah.  I'll post about the super cute craft project I've been working on this week tomorrow.  For now, it's me and the kiddos.  And the pizza man who will save my life come dinner time.

In the mean time, here's a sneak peek at some future projects you'll be seeing here:

This lovely "chandelier" was Freecycled to me this past weekend.  The folks who had it before used the term chandelier very loosely.  Still, with a little magic it is going to be lovely in the little sort-of-hallway between our master bedroom and master bathroom.  Just you wait.

This glorious junk dresser was a mere $10 at a thrift store that I happened upon Saturday afternoon.  With a few coats of robin's egg blue paint, fun new knobs, and some moulding it will be a beautiful replacement for the tired old IKEA dresser in our dining room.  Wish me luck!

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