My 3 Monsters: YW Theme Printables (Now with NO TYPOS!!!!)

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YW Theme Printables (Now with NO TYPOS!!!!)

I spent the afternoon creating an LDS Young Women Theme poster for our Young Women's Room at church.  We spent hours the other day cleaning out the closets and purging old junk that past presidencies had left behind and I decided the room could use a little freshening up, too.  Our Young Women President asked me a loooooong time ago to think about redecorating.  I'm embarrassed to say that I am just now getting around to doing it.  I'm just going to print these out at Costco, the main theme in a 20x30 inch poster and the 2010 theme in an 11x14 inch.  I'll frame both in cute, distressed black frames.  Because I put a bit of time into these and because I flatter myself enough to think they're so cute someone else would want them, I linked up my high resolution files for others to download and use.  Just follow the links below each picture and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page that comes up to download the file to your own computer. 

Click here to download in high enough resolution for an 11x14 print.

If you don't want to print them quite so large, you could just right click and save right from this page.  Have a great day!

*Designs created using the glorious free digital scrapbooking kits from*

EDITED TO ADD:  Sooo sorry about the typo in the poster last night.  I don't know how I missed it.  It's all fixed now! {And available on Sugardoodle here.}

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  1. Anonymous23 June, 2010

    I love them--do you mind if I spread them around my stake?

  2. Emily -- I don't mind at all. Especially now that it reads correctly!

    Kelly -- Even before I read the comments today that missing word jumped off the screen at me. I must have worked with it too long yesterday. You know how you get to the point that you're not really seeing what you're doing. Dumb.

  3. How cool, love these. :) Have a great week!
    Heather @

  4. You've just received an award from me :)

  5. So cute and creative. I so wish I was in the young womens to use it!

    I'll just have to wait :]

  6. WOW, this is so classy! I am downloading it even though I have nothing to do with Young Women's. it's such a fabulous idea!


  7. Thanks for sharing! It is very cute!!!

  8. that is so cute!!! i love all the different fonts:)

    thanks for sharing!!


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