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Vuvuzela Mania!!

We've been watching some World Cup Soccer around here lately.  And by "we" I mean my Baby Daddy. Perhaps you're already familiar with the sound of professional soccer . . .match (?).  I was not.  There is a constant hum in the stands.  And by "hum" I mean a sound similar to a swarm of a million bees only more irritating.  And it is unrelenting.  A constant hum for the entirety of the . . . competition (?).  That sound comes from a lovely . . .instrument(?) called a Vuvuzela. Guess what sound my family has taken a liking to.  Yep.  The vuvuzela.  Baby Daddy set it as his ring tone.  Sis got the vuvuzela ap for her iPod.  The boys re-create the very same sound using only their sweet little voices. Awesome.  So, I'm asking for a favor here.  Please DO NOT, under any circumstances, call my husband on his cell phone for a while.  Because I am fixing to lose my mind right quickly here.  Thank you.  How long is this soccer . . . sporting activity event (?) supposed to last, anyway?


  1. Can't stand that sound either. Don't watch the games because of it.

  2. is it bad that I have NO idea what that sound is? I've been under a rock or something and just smiling through all of the World Cup conversations - trying to nod my head in appropriate places.

  3. I LOVE that sound! It adds to the excitment! I had no idea that we could get it as a ring tone. I am sooo getting it for my boys!

    Don't hate me! :)

  4. you cant get it as a ring tone i don't think. maby you can. we recorded it off my ipod. however if the would like to record it for for free i would be happy to help!


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