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I Love to Laugh

I really do.  I love to laugh a lot.  And I'm pretty OK with laughing at myself.  Another thing to know about me:  the Pottery Barn Catalog is my favorite "magazine".  OK, I'm fine with you laughing at me, too, but be honest out there . . . I know I'm not the only one who still has the issues from two summers ago with the pages all dog-eared.  Anyway . . . as much as we love to pore over these "magazines" and dream about doing our own houses, don't you ever look at the staging in the pictures and think, "What the . . ."?  That's why when one of my bestest friends, Tammy, sent me a link to Catalog Living, I was immediately hooked.  Without ever having seen the site I knew I was going to love it forever and ever.  It touts itself as, "A look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs" and it is HI-larious.  It tells the ongoing story of Gary and Elaine, the couple who keep a string of old-fashioned bouys and a life preserver in their mud room.  The couple who eat lobster and limes on their pool deck every evening and leave open books and trays of bottled water laying around their otherwise immaculate home.  The writing is ever-so witty and clever. Go check it out and come back to thank me later!


  1. okay, thanking you now - a few posts down and reading about the albino apples that have been placed out of Gary's reach... this is funny stuff!!!

  2. I laughed and laughed - and immediately thought of you my decorating friend! My favorite is the one about researching chairs :) It still makes me giggle!

  3. Hi Amy! I found you from K&A's blog. First of all we have that in common, loving Amanda's fonts and I laugh OUT LOUD when I read Catalog Living! It's hysterical, I mean, if you're a Pottery Barn fan, you have to read it right?

    Okay, just wanted to say hi! :)


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