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A Slice of Humble Pie

Have you ever had a day that just put you in your place?  You're going about your business feeling pretty OK about yourself and then something happens that knocks you right back down to size.  Several years ago Brent and I made the decision that whenever one of those "opportunities" presented itself in our lives, we were going to laugh.  To just take it in a stride and move on.  Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to wring an ounce humor out of those situations.  Other times the humor just writes itself.

Brent and one of our friends have been called to teach an autistic boy during Primary every Sunday. They love this assignment.  He is a great kid.  He is exceptionally smart and kinda' spunky.  He does NOT like me.  When he acts up, all Brent has to do is ask if he needs to go get his wife.  This sweet boy will immediately reply, "No wife!  No wife!" and comply with whatever request is being made of him.  I'm OK with that.  Lots of people like Brent better than me.  Yesterday, as they were sitting together in the classroom, Brent asked him if he could write his (Brent's) name on the chalkboard.  He did and Brent was duly impressed.  Time wore on and this kid was getting to the end of his patience.  Three hours of church is a lot for a boy, autism or not.  He started to take his shoes off and untie Brent's tie, which they are working on teaching him not to do.  Brent would not allow him to do it and continually attempted to divert his attention.  Finally fed up with the situation, this little guy walked over to the chalkboard, picked up the chalk and wrote "Big Fat Meanie" right under Brent's name.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Awesome!

We all need those people in our lives who give us the brutal truth.  Because every balanced diet should include a slice of humble pie now and again.


  1. hilarious... seriously - I'm just imagining the whole thing and cracking up!!!

  2. I heart Brent's humble pie! It tastes so much better than my own :)

  3. I actually laughed out loud at this! Last year I worked often in the autism room at school and one thing I can say for the students in that room is that they never lie! If they feel something, they'll make sure you know!


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