My 3 Monsters: You Know You Go to Circle-K Too Much When:

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You Know You Go to Circle-K Too Much When:

The "kid" behind the counter refers to your purchase as "the usual" and asks you for relationship advice.  Yes, folks, I have a problem.  A 79-cent-Coke-a-day problem.  And I am ashamed.  Sorely ashamed.  Could this possibly rock bottom?  Will this be enough for me to end it for good?

Who am I trying to kid?  I'll go to Circle-K again tomorrow.  But maybe a . . . different. . . Circle-K.  Because soda out of a fountain is just soooooo much better.


  1. Oh how I have been there! LOL

  2. I've had to alternate which Subway I visit... so I get it...

  3. LOL - that is just too funny. He really asked you for relationship advice?

  4. hilarious! could invest in a sodastream? Iknow sometimes it's nice to get out of the house though.

  5. Much like my visit to Cumberland Farms for the 99 cent iced coffee...extra large. I'm not sure what Circle-K is, but it's probably like our Cumberland Farms...quick trip for milk, bread, newspaper and a quick caffeine fix.
    I found you over at Tatertots...we are right next to each on her feature post. I think that means we're tatertot sisters or something, lol
    Have a grat day,

  6. ok that should have said "GREAT" day, not grat day. Guess my hands are shaking from all the caffeine!


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