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I have been called to be the president of our Young Women's Organization at church.  It's a little overwhelming, I must say, but I'm excited.  I'm a good follower.  Great at doing what I'm told.  Not so great at knowing what to tell people to do.  I've had a little while to think about this before it was announced in church today.  I've been alternately sick to my stomach and elated.  I am thrilled to get to work with the girls for a little bit longer (and to keep going to Girl's Camp every summer).  I'm sick about all the responsibility.  The fact that I'll have to actually have opinions about things.  Give good advice.  Be an example of righteous living.  I'm not sure I'm good at any of those things.  I realized, finally, that my main responsibility is to love the girls.  To want what's best for them.  I can DO that.  Then I'll just live with the faith that everything else will take care of itself.  Or that my two fantastic counselors will take care of it for me. 

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time on the church website acquainting myself with all of the "job requirements" and trying to get some ideas for meetings coming up that I will now be responsible for planning.  This song is one of my favorites this year.  Enjoy!!


  1. Congratulations!!! You will be AWESOME!! I have to say, it sometimes stinks to be the pres but the Spirit is strong and it is amazing to see the Lord's hand in things. You will rock, President Gregson! :)

  2. Anonymous11 July, 2010

    I can't think of a better YW President! Good thing you just re-did the room.

  3. I KNEW it was coming. I've felt that you would be the next pres. for over a year now. :)
    You have been called for a reason. Heavenly Father knows the unconditional love that you have for these girls - and love is all that matters. They know that you love them no matter what and THAT will make everything else fall into place.
    You have been called to serve in the mostest appropriate place! You are amazing girl! Love ya!

  4. great song - my ManOfTheHouse is over the YW and it's amazing the things are accomplished because people like you are dedicated and love the girls!

  5. Congrats, Amy! You'll be awesome. So fun for you and Sydney to experience this together. Best of luck and remember that you don't have to do it all....there will be 6 other women willing and ready to help! :D


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