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Back Then

Somewhere along the way, through several new computers and transferring of data, a whole lot of our older family photos got lost in a forgotten file in the back up drive.  Sitting, sadly, in limbo.  Forgotten.  Well, not entirely forgotten.  I always wondered why our photo folder only went back to 2007 when we've been a family for nearly 15 years.  Long story short, I found them. I spent hours on Friday looking through them, my heart breaking at how quickly the kids grow up. Don't get me wrong, I think my kids are "da bomb" now, but I just can't help but mourn the passing of babyish faces and chubby little cuddly bodies.  Just look:
So, we have a (marginally) better camera now, but those were some good old days. Thanks for indulging my mommy moment.


  1. what a super find - I still keep hoping that someday my roll of film from Mexico will turn up... unfortunately I think I lost it in Mexico... 18 years ago... perhaps I should face reality?

  2. Oh yeah!! Thanks for sharing the memories what cute photos.


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