My 3 Monsters: Thumb Watch 2010
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Thumb Watch 2010

Still numb.

***  Big, BIG news coming tomorrow!!!!  Stay tuned . . . ***


  1. Yikies! Doesn't sound good at all... My pinky did that once and after about a week it 'popped' and was fine after that - maybe it is just a little out of place? Maybe you have MS like Shiela. (I am teasing) Maybe you work too hard and your body is begging for a break! That is FOR SURE THE PROBLEM!
    I will be looking for daily updates of your numb thumb! :) I just like saying numb thumb. numb thumb! numb thumb!

  2. It is tomorrow in NY! How about leaking the BIG news! I can't stand the suspense! (Remember I am the one who peeks at Christmas early)


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