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What's the Big Deal? Free Headband, That's What!

Is it close enough to midnight??  October 1st, tomorrow, is the official Grand Opening of my new Etsy shop!!!!!!!!! Go there by clicking on the banner below and then come right back, OK?

Well, it's a big deal to me anyway.  Inspired equally by my obsession with making things and my house being too tiny to hold it all, I've decided to try my hand at running a little Etsy "Boutique".  I'm a little bit excited about it.  I want people to feel like they're getting a great product and a super deal at the same time.  I want to leave my mark here in the "burbs" in a kinder, gentler, legal-er way (Get it? Graffiti? Or the suburban mom's version of it.)  Mostly I just want to keep on making "shtuff" without feeling like my walls are closing in on me.

SOOOOOOOOOOO . . . to celebrate my "Grand Opening" and to get the word out, everything in the shop is 50% off from now through October 7th!!!!!  The headbands and flower pins are just $3 each for this limited time offer.  I will also be adding some super cute baby onesies very soon, so check back often.  If you're interested, I mean.  (I'm a little bit bashful about putting myself out there like this . . .)

AAAAAANND . . .  To test the waters and see if there's any interest in my products, I'm giving away this pretty, pretty headband with detachable flower pin.  I have one just like it! :-D 

 The headband is braided grosgrain ribbon and can be worn all alone or with the black and kelly green flower pin attached.  (That is my very most favorite fabric in the world right now!!!)  You can purchase other nice flowers in my shop to switch out and pin on your fancy headband, too.  I'm just sayin'.  All you have to do to win is visit my shop, Suburban Graffiti, then come back and leave a comment here. Tell me what's missing.  What colors would you like to see?  What is your favorite item?  I'm just looking for some productive feedback here. I'll give you a second entry if you mention my shop or this giveaway on your blog.   If you like the product, that is.  Just leave another comment about that, too.  (Yes, I'm shamelessly begging and attempting to bribe you to help me get the word out.)  I will announce the winner Wednesday morning, so get your comments in before that.  C'mon, you know you have a good chance of winning -- this isn't one of those ginormous famous blogs that usually give stuff away.  Thanks for helping me get things rolling!


  1. Okay--I love all the colors. As I am a very visual person (read=I have to see it in real life), I would love to see pictures of the same headband with different flowers on it--that way I have an idea of different flowers would look good with the same band.) My absolute favorite is the pewter flower. I can just see it with a certain dress I've been dying to get. I'll get this up on my blog today. Those grand opening prices are too good to miss!

  2. OK so I totally bought some! LOVE THEM! Nobody but me reads my blog - so I will shoot out an email to my fab friends that would love this type of thing.
    Congrats! You're a working woman again :)

  3. Does being family count me out of the contest? Because that's totally cute... And I love the chcolate brown and blue one in the store :-)

  4. Shiela Jarvis01 October, 2010

    I LOVE the flowers and headbands! I can't wait to get some! My thoughts on your business- IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! I seriously can't wait to see more of your stuff- you're AMAZING!

  5. Well girl, I like the header, the pictures are good and the products are great!

    I love the Flowers: Pewtter taffeta and the Blue and green.
    From the Headbands:The red and the Brown with blue polka dots.

  6. I did put this giveaway in my sidebar at:

    I'm a follower, I will love if you follow me back too.

  7. Sarah blogged about me, which is super sweet, so I'm giving her another entry, just like I said. Thanks Sarah!

  8. Tammy sent out a really nice e-mail to all of her friends, which is just as good as blogging about it if you ask me. Thanks you guys!!

    Kelly, you are totally eligible, even though you're my sister. doesn't know that! Thanks for commenting.

  9. Love your shop--I hope it is a great success, or at least fun. Congratulations!


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