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Coming Right Along

The armoire is finished and we LOVE it!!  I should have painted it years ago, but I always thought it would take a really long time and be a huge hassle.  It didn't and it wasn't.  Two coats of primer and two coats of paint applied with a brush took maybe three hours spread out over two or three days.  (Plus a half hour or so to decoupage the doors.)  It would probably be faster if you used one of those little foam rollers, but there was a brush sitting right by my paint can and I was too lazy to go dig out anything else.  I didn't even move anything off of the shelves.  There are too many wires in there to be bothering with all that.  I was on a roll.  I was motivated.  I just wanted to strike while the iron was hot and get it done finally.  At some point I may go in a decoupage that cute polkadot paper onto the walls of the upper section to match the doors.  But not today.  My favorite part about it is the drawer pulls I found at Michael's for $1 each.
They're just a little bit quirky and funny.  Like us.  The drawers say pull and the doors say open.  It was the only expense, but it was the $4 that MADE this project.  Here's a quick before (which is way too dark and cluttered and dirty, but you at least get an idea) and after:
I guess somewhere along the way we removed the upper doors, too.  (They've been sitting in the garage and I have just devised a plan for them . . . next week.) I just love how much cleaner and more modern it looks.  And the way that it actually goes with our other stuff now.  Success! Now here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on so far this week:
Marshmallow fondant is sooooo easy to make and really pretty easy to work with.  Can't wait til Saturday to see the finished products!


  1. This looks absolutely amazing. I love it and you are right the pulls make it. Did you get them recently? I'm feeling a Michael's trip coming on.

  2. Yep, got 'em just the other day. Thanks!!

  3. Lovin' it all! Nothing like a fersh coat of paint to help make the world seem new :)


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