My 3 Monsters: Cabinet, Craft Day, Cupcakes, and Candy Bouquet

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Cabinet, Craft Day, Cupcakes, and Candy Bouquet

Oh, I am so excited about the projects I have in the works right now!!  Next week is going to be Soopah-Fun for me.  I'll share good pictures next week, but here's a preview from my cell phone:
In the past three days I have painted my old entertainment center and taught a class on Budget Decorating. In the next seven days we will be having our Young Women's "Super Wednesday" Craft Day, and two weddings (hence the cupcakes for one and candy bouquet for the bride of the other). I lu-uh-uve having fun things to do and look forward to!! And while finished creative projects have been scarce around here lately, there will be a bountiful harvest of results in the next couple of weeks.  IF my marshmallow fondant turns out right, AND the craft supplies and cute pastel Whirlie Pops I ordered online show up on time.  Why must everything come down to the last second no matter how carefully I try to plan?!  (And why must local stores only carry the bright, rainbow-colored lollipops???)

Since I've come to a roadblock in my preparation process, Brent and I are going to take tomorrow to attempt to install the pretty gooseneck faucet I bought for our kitchen on ebay for $32.00 and the new microwave we got on Craigslist for $50.  Neither one were planned purchases, but when water begins pouring out of the warm water handle of the faucet and the microwave stops heating things up for the second time in as many years AND people are practically giving those things away like that. . . what're ya gonna do?  I also got a chandelier on Craigslist for $10 that matches the one in our dining room.  If you've ever tried to cook in my dark little cave of a kitchen you will appreciate how badly we have been needing to replace the old track lights that do a really poor job of illuminating anything other than the ledge on top of the cabinets. Which is NOT where I do most of my meal prep work. 

I feel so spoiled! For a cheap-o like me it's almost like getting a brand new kitchen.  I just wish I could afford the subway tile I  want for the backsplash right now.  It would be great to get that done while the range-top microwave is down.  Did you know that basic white subway tile is only 22 cents a piece at Lowes?!  If my math is right that's only $1.76 a square foot.  I just always assumed it was more expensive than that.  Even so . . . I've already spent $100 and I am a complete cheap-o.  Really.  Plus, if we do the backsplash, I'd really love to do the countertops.  And if we're doing the countertops AND the faucet AND the backsplash, I'd really love to do the farmhouse sink I have my eye on. And the pot-filler faucet over the stove -- there is already plumbing in that wall . . . But Christmas is right around the corner and the kids would not be as thrilled as I if Santa brought us a new kitchen this year.  Just sayin'.  The selfish little punks.  : ) 

I just hope the kitchen doesn't turn into a marathon project and that it's in working order before I have to produce a couple hundred cupcakes next weekend.  Because I can hardly wait to show you (and the bride) what I'm doing for those!!


  1. I about died when I read your post - you and I are on the exact same page in our kitchen decorating ideas. Our tile guy just finished tiling our whole kitchen cooking area in white subway tile today. Remember those nasty mirrors in the corner behind our sink? GONE! We did subway tile under the upper cabinets (backsplashes) and on the entire wall where the window is and where those nasty mirrors were. Yes, subway tile is cheap....a lot cheaper than I had thought. A whole heckuvalot cheaper than those glass tiles I was eyeing.

    Can't wait to see your candy bouquet!

  2. Sounds fun. We've had huge changes in our home too. Mostly inexpensive/free except for the new refrigerator. I understand the pleasure!!

    Good luck on getting everything done before the bell rings.


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