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It Will All Work Out

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For the past month or so I've been attending a weekly scripture study class with my friend Kim.  One week we read a verse in the Book of Mormon that referred to "the furnace of affliction" and  we discussed the refining power of adversity in our lives.  It was a principle that rang so true to me -- especially in light of our current employment situation.  We are looking at the very real possibility of my husband losing his job . . . for the third time in 5 years.  I'm not gonna' lie, folks, it's scary.  But looking at where we are NOW as opposed to five years ago spiritually and emotionally, I can see how these difficulties have helped us to grow.  We can more readily acknowledge that we have been blessed, even in the midst of our troubles.  We are closer now as a couple and as a family than we have ever been.  No one is pointing the finger of blame.  We're just rolling with the punches and lifting each other up.  We have a home and great friends here in Arizona.  We have awesome friends in our siblings and parents across the country.  Aside from the itty bitty little issue of money,  life is better than  it has ever been.  And so we try not to complain.

I have been thinking about how we approach teaching this to our kids -- preparing them for a future that will certainly hold it's share of disappointments while also maintaining hope.  I was taught when I was growing up {and I still try to teach the Young Women I serve} to decide well in advance how to handle certain situations -- what I would do when someone offered me alcohol or drugs or when a dating situation became more physical than was probably good.  Deciding BEFORE the situation arises gives us strength in a moment of possible weakness.  I feel like I need to also teach my children {and myself} to decide well ahead of time how they will handle the trials that will inevitably come to each of us.  If we each make the choice to face our adversity with faith, to look for the blessings that are all around us, and to lighten the burdens of others during our hardest times, maybe, just maybe, we can avoid the despair and bitterness that are so tempting when we're in the thick of it.  Maybe then we will find it easier to trust in the Lord and to turn to Him for strength and guidance rather than turning away from Him in anger.  Maybe then we will be able to appreciate these chances we have to grow rather than resenting the struggle.  Maybe then we will be more compassionate toward those around us who are struggling, too.  I am, by no means, a perfect example.  I wish I was.  I give in to the despair and the depression as often as I rise above it, but I'm trying.  And I'm grateful.  And I'm doing my best to make the best of how things turn out and that's gotta' count for something, right?

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  1. I am with you Amy. Jon lost his job 3 times in about 4 years. :( It is sooooo scary but amazingly enough with faith something always works out. I struggle when it first happens wondering WHY but Jon and I have also grown closer and done as you have...stop pointing fingers and roll with the punches. We will keep you guys in our prayers for sure!! Keep us posted and let us know if we can do anthing for you and your family!


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