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Such a Sap

I happened to turn to this movie on TV today while I was folding laundry because Dylan had just been talking about this story the other day. Here I sit, an hour and a half later, crying my eyes out. What is wrong with me?!

We live in a world today where loyalty seems to be almost a thing of the past. Gossip rolls off most peoples tongues without them feeling a twinge of guilt. Many marriages fail. Companies you work faithfully for will let you go at the drop of a hat -- or worse, build a case to fire you so they won't have to pay you a severance. Not that we know about that job thing . . . Things are not what they used to be.

We've been taking a vote every night at dinner about whether or not we keep Cassie. The decision would have to be unanimous, but her popularity has been slipping in the polls lately. We're the only family she has ever known . . . Perhaps tonight we'll skip the vote.

EDITED TO ADD: We watched this movie last night, the boys and Cassie and I.  We were laying in my bed all cuddled up together.  During one of the more poignant parts Dylan whispered, "Stop.  Keep it in... keep it in...".  I looked over and his eyes were welling up with tears.  He then said, "What?!  I'm not crying.  My eyes are just sweating."  I told him, "That's OK.  My eyes are sweating right now, too".  Man, I love my kids!

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  1. FINALLY - a movie with a positive message that my whole family (even the teenage boys) can enjoy.
    (Keep the crazy dog - we love her!)


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