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Wanna' Know What's Fun?

Seeing your projects on Pinterest. And you didn't even pin 'em there!  Someone else pinned my projects to Pinterest and then people started re-pinning them.   Unbelievable.  Why does something as dumb as that make my day?

Also, I finally passed 100,000 page views and there are currently 17 people looking at my blog.  Right now.  I've never really cared about the stats -- this blog is just my fun -- but wow.  What a day.


  1. That's awesome! That would make me happy too and it's definitely not a dumb reason to be happy! That's so fun. :)

  2. I saw your Daily Chore List that a friend pinned on Pinterest. I repinned it and then had to come over and check out your blog! So glad I did!! New follower =)

  3. What a thrill!!! It's always nice to know that people are enjoying what you have so lovingly created!!


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