My 3 Monsters: Ever Had One of Those Days?

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Ever Had One of Those Days?

Where you just feel . . . blah. Things are going good. I went on a perfectly delightful field trip with Dylan and the first grade. I got my hair cut. I took a nap. But I feel all wrong inside. Like emotionally. If I had periods, I swear I'd be having one now. I ran to the store this afternoon for water (Drink from the tap? Puh-leese.) and came home with water . . . and a half gallon of Pistachio Almond Ice Cream. (And chocolate ice cream and a couple of frozen pies, but those were for something else.) And, don't laugh, but I'm feeling decidedly better tonight after tucking into a bowl of nutty sweetness and an hour of Stylista drama on the CW. Being a girl is rough business sometimes.


  1. Man, I totally hear you clucking, big chicken. Now, I must ask you, how do you not have periods? Is this too personal for a public comment? But seriously, HOW!?!?!

  2. My Mirena IUD. It's FABULOUS!!!!!

  3. I have those days all the time. You handled it completely appropriately.


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