My 3 Monsters: I'm a Darn Good Baby Maker! Need proof?

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I'm a Darn Good Baby Maker! Need proof?

Tonight was Family Portrait Fun Night! Promise you'll be surprised when our Christmas cards come next week.


  1. When people tell me my babies are cute, I always say, "Thanks, I made him myself." (Technically, Zach helped a little, but I take all the credit. You should do that, too.

  2. When I read the title of this post I was thinking you were going to make a big announcement! I envisioned you showing the at-home pregnancy test (as the proof). C'mon guys!

    Cute kids. Can't wait to see you all in a few short days. Get practicing your "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho" Wendy's song!

  3. Super cute. We love to see the proof, but we knew it already.

  4. Adorable. Having a six-year-old myself, I am especially loving Dylan's "some big, some little teeth" grin. Good job!

  5. I love pictures of kids. Where did you guys go? Your kids are so cute. I cannot believe Christmas is next week!


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