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So . . . my husband was worried about losing his "street cred" after my sappy post yesterday. First, did he have street cred to begin with?! Second, let me take you all back to the night he punched me in the face. In his sleep. (Uh-huh. I really believe that) There I was innocently resting my weary bones and then, BAM! Fist in the face. What he was dreaming about we'll never know, but bedtime around here is not all cuddles and whispered sweetnesses. My man can be gangsta' when he wants to.
(Did I do alright today repairing the damage to your image, shmoopsy poo?)


  1. Well, I'M totally convinced shmoopsy poo is tough. Does that make him feel better?

  2. That is hilarious. When I read the first post I wanted to leave a comment because that was just so sweet, but I was holding a squirmy baby. So now I am totally laughing at the second post. You think you're being nice and get kicked in the head.


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