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There is a new present under the tree with my name on it. The size of the box rules out every item on my Christmas list. Everyone in the house knows what it is except me. I've been working on the kids to find out what is in there. It's driving me nuts. I figured my best bet was to get Dylan to crack. I've pleaded. I've made empty promises. I've tried to catch him off guard. But he's bringing his A-game this time. Every single time I ask him what it is he says, without missing a beat, "Mom! I told you! It's candy canes and panties." Candy canes and panties? Where'd he come up with that one. This is going to be a long 9 days.


  1. Candy canes and panties, I love it. Where does he come up with it? Actually, knowing you and Brent... I can imagine exactly where he comes up with it.

  2. How disappointed will you be when it actually IS candy canes and panties? hahahaha


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