My 3 Monsters: My Vacation in as Few Words as Possible (Thank You, Google Images.)

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My Vacation in as Few Words as Possible (Thank You, Google Images.)

You with me so far? We, of course, had to buy:
So that the kids could:
I found these gems at DI for $6.00 (when I was supposed to be looking for snow boots):
Then I ate these:
(Yes, they're home made chocolates.)
Took the kids to see:
Sang this at Pinata Party/Talent show:
Ryan made this . . .
. . . + this:
(an Abominable Snowman pinata)

Ate too much of this:
(Christmas Eve dinner)
And more of these:
A visit from:
Piled back in here:
And went here:
And watched this:
(I told you I'd write about it, Paige!)
And felt like this all week:


  1. Well documented! We enjoyed our time with you guys this past week. It went by way too fast. We're still planning on Spring Break...we'll do swimming rather than sledding.

    Tell Brent he's captured forever on my blog in a flirty apron and red pumps. Oo-la-la!!

  2. Cute post, Amy. Um... recipe for those round little balls of chocolate delight? please?

  3. Looks like you had a fun time! Love all the pictures. And I'm jealous of the 6-buck shoes. They looked like they were in pristine condition, too! Way to score a deal! Glad you're home again. We are almost done with our "seeing family" festivities. Fun, but tiring.


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