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One Fine Day . . .

I got a head start on the Gregson Family Biggest Loser contest this week. Whatever. It's not cheating. I started last weekend BEFORE Kristen even suggested it. So, this week: no soda, no sweets, few snacks, lots of water and exercise. I even didn't have the crepes that Brent made for family night Monday. I had an orange instead. And I feel FANTASTIC! I'm energetic and I'm emerging from the slump I've been in. (Sorry for all the boring, mopey blog posts lately.) Today was my planned "cheat day" where I ate whatever I had been craving all week and now I'm ready to get back on the wagon tomorrow morning.

Also good about today: Free Chipotle burritos since the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. I LOOOOOVE me some Chipotle. And I made these cutie-patooties for a baby shower Brent went to. (That sounded weird . . . couples shower, Brent is their home teacher, I was putting the boys to bed . . . ) Thanks again to Daina for the tutorial at Christmas.

I adore them!! In fact, and don't tell, I wanted to keep them for myself. *sigh*

(No, I am NOT expecting. I just like to look at them. 0-3 months is so very teeny!)


  1. Those onesies are SOOO cute! How did you make them?
    Glad to hear you are heading out of the slump; although, I don't think you have been writing mopey or boring posts. I always love to read your posts!

  2. They're freezer paper stencils. I'll send you some for Lev!!! What size would you want? I'm thinking not 0-3 months . . . 3-6, 6-9? Let me know. It's my favorite new hobby.

  3. Aren't these the most gratifying projects?! I am addicted too.
    It sounds like we are opposites on this Biggest Loser Challenge. I have been putting it ALL off until we started today. Yesterday was a free for all, eat all I can't while doing the challenge. I ended the day off with my very own Haagen Daz ice cream, I licked the cup clean! Now watch me sugar crash today :)

  4. The shirts are darling. I still need to try making some. Where did you get your pictures? I love the robot.

    Good luck with the contest. We'll all have success...I can feel it!

    I still need your personal goals for the blog.

  5. Adorable onesies. Where do you find these cute new crafts?? Good luck on the Biggest Loser contest, I know you will win!!!


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