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The Entrepreneur.

For about a year now Sydney has been wanting to "start a business". She loves animals. I do not. Our house is only 1300 square feet and our yard just a fraction of that. Pet ownership is not in the cards for this young lady. She also loves babies, but has been WAY too young to babysit. And thus began "Sydney the Petsitter".

She came to me a year or so ago with this flier she had made all by herself and kindly asked me to make copies for her. I know you can't read that dark line in the middle. It happens to be my favorite part. It says, "I will take as much money as you are willing to give." A girl after my own heart. Well, somehow the flier got tossed by the wayside and forgotten. By me. Sydney still periodically asked when she was going to be able to "start her business". So a few weeks ago I got on the Vista Print website and made her some cute little business cards (for free). She has been thrilled passing them out to every pet owner we know. In fact, she keeps a few in her pockets at all times just in case she runs into someone. I love it!!! But from where does all this ambition flow?! Certainly not from her mom and dad. Maybe these things skip a generation . . .


  1. She is more than welcome to pet sit Alice...for as long as she wants. I will personally fly Alice out to her :)

  2. Your kids are awesome. Hey, I'll be down with the kids from March 1-8. Can we see you guys sometime?

  3. That is adorable. You do seem to have some impressive kids. And she of course gets it from you (no offense, Brent).

    I read your blog sometimes and wonder why you are so talented with all the artsy things you do, AND you write so well. Your blog posts are always so clever and entertaining. Seriously!

  4. Aryn you're dead to me. Brent.


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