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Does Anything Feel Better Than . . .

  1. . . . new work-out clothes? Sure, they're just yoga pants and sports tanks, but I feel decidedly cuter (and more comfortable) in clothes that fit and flatter my body NOW rather than my body three years ago. Very similar to how good it feels to get new underwear. Or clean sheets.
  2. . . . filing your tax return? Another year done. Another direct deposit on it's way. Another chunk of old debt soon to be gone forever. I feel 100 pounds lighter.
  3. . . . hitting spell check on a blog post and seeing "no misspellings found"? I'm a simple girl, really.
  4. . . . laying in bed next to a big, warm teddy bear of a man on a cold night after a long, busy day? OK, so Brent will hate being referred to as a "teddy bear" and our room is only slightly cool and only that because we run the ceiling fan all year long, but it still feels good.

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  1. 1. Totally agree. Even when I have enough workout clothes, I always have my eye out for new, cuter things.
    2. YES! Although we may not be getting our state tax return because the state of CA is 5 ka-zillion $$ in debt...
    3. There's a spell check on blogger?!!
    4. Agreed.... as long as he's not stealing my blankets, that is. :)


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