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  1. I am sick. Coughing, aching, stuffy head, fevery sick. Boo.
  2. Don't get excited Gregsons. I'm still working out and eating (or not eating as the case may be) right.
  3. Last night at dinner (Brent took us out because I was sick) Riley commented on how efficient the waitress was at keeping my water glass full. "You don't even have to ask her," he marvelled. "Maybe she likes you the best." "Yeah," says Dylan,"or maybe it's because you're rich now." Hmmmmmmmmmm . . .
  4. Brent (sweet man) used a portion of our tax return to buy me a new camera to take to Colorado so I could take really good pictures of my murals. It is faaaaarrrrrr nicer than our old one. I just don't know how anything works on it. It seems a waste to just set it on "easy mode", but that may be what I have to do for now. Boo.
  5. I'm going to miss everything fun while I'm gone: Sydney's 5th Grade Music Performance, a baby shower for my friend who's having triplets, the Mommy/Daughter Date for activity Days, the free Chipotle burritos with the brown bag "coupons" that came in Sunday's paper. I don't even want to imagine what else will go on in the 8 days I'm slaving away.
  6. Did I mention I'm sick? Oh. OK.

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  1. Stinks to be sick...Poor Amy! Um if you figure out your camera let me know. I have no idea how to use my camera...have fun on your trip. (We all get to benefit from this great purchase hooray)


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