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Whoah, Nelly!

So, I leave Friday evening for Lone Tree, Colorado. Yep. THIS Friday. As in 4 days from now. And I won't be back until the following Saturday. And this will be my home away from home. I'm a great big ball of nerves, for sure.

What will my family do without me for a whole week?!
What will I do without them?
Will I be able to finish in 6 full days?
What if I forget something important?

But, more than that, and please don't tell my precious spouse, I'm sooooooooo excited. And flattered. And humbled. You know, you get married and have kids and bury many of the hopes and dreams that you once had for yourself. Not that it's a bad thing. It is what it is. I wouldn't have traded the past thirteen years for anything in this world. But I had truly made peace with the fact that my "career" was a thing of the past. And then there's this . . . this bright, shiny reminder that my Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to have all the wonderful experiences that this life has to offer. He wants my hard-earned education to be put to use. He just wanted me to have my priorities in order. First (and essential) things first, then the fun adventures. Yee-Haw! Colorado, here I come!


  1. Looks like we'll miss you this trip down. I'd be sad, but this is so AWESOME for you! I'm sometimes a bit envious when Zach gets to travel away for a few days, but then he tells me it's not all it's cracked up to be. Yeah, Brazil, Tahiti, New Zealand, a few days of quiet . . . what could be great about all that?:-)

  2. Can we come hang out with you in your awesome hotel room? I think I drove past that hotel just yesterday for a job interview.

  3. Sounds heavenly!!! You deserve it--congrats! And don't forget to post pics of the murals.

  4. So what you're saying is that H.F. doesn't care if/when I do anything? That my priorities are out of whack? Ouch! :)

    Seriously though... I'm uber jealous that you had/have what I consider to be the luxury to do both, in the order you did it!

    Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

  5. p.s. I don't see what (and where) you're painting?! Details, please! You'll have a lot of free nights... to post pictures and a play-by-play. Your fans await... :).

  6. Aryn,
    I feel like a heel. I only meant that His plan for ME was different than my plan for MYSELF and I had to learn to bend my will to His. I think at some point we all have to make peace with the opportunities we are given in whatever order they arrive. Or something. Sorry for being insensitive. Sometimes I don't think.

    I'm going to be without a computer all next week (ahhhhhhhhhh!!) , but I'll post pictures as soon as I get home!! It's pretty much the same thing I painted last time.

  7. Amy, I'm horrified that you felt the need to apologize on your very own blog. I didn't think you were being insensitive... my comment was more the sad realization that maybe H.F. has no plan for my life, and it's my own darn fault I can't convince anyone to impregnate me ;) ;( ;). Seriously though, please don't ever feel the need to apologize (or sensor what you write).

    I'm bummed that you won't have a computer, but excited to see the finished product. You continually amaze me... have sooooo much fun and smooch CO for me!


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