My 3 Monsters: Too Smart for His Own Good -- OR -- Oh No He Didn't!

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Too Smart for His Own Good -- OR -- Oh No He Didn't!

In order for me to have my beloved craft closet (pictures are forthcoming) we moved all of our family games up into the boys' closet. It seemed like a safe and sensible choice. Until my sweet little punk of a first grader set his mental wheels a-spin. I didn't see how it all went down , but here is how I imagine it based on the evidence: He sees the Battle of the Sexes game. He takes a Sharpie. He cleverly inserts an I so the game now reads "Battle of the Sexies". Upon further thought he also adds a T, leaving the box, forevermore, to read "Battle of the Sexiest". That is pretty advanced work for a little firstie. I thought public education was supposed to be sub-par. After scolding him firmly, Brent and I silently adjourned to our bedroom for a good, LONG laugh. Where does he come up with this crap?!


  1. OK, THAT is HILARIOUS!!!! My first grader wouldn't have any idea how to spell sexiest. He is a riot!! And definitely Brent's child!! ;)

  2. I am totally laughing out loud (LOL just wouldn't cut it) He is his dad's son eh?!


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