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This is Jackie Robinson.
This, too, is Jackie Robinson.

Awe inspiring resemblance, no?
In third grade the kids get to pick a person who made a difference in the history of the world and do an oral report. It's supposed to be like a "wax museum" so the kids dress as the person and tell about their chosen historically important figure, as if they were ACTUALLY said historical figure. They line up in the main hallway of the school and then ALL the other students in the school come and tap each child on the shoulder when they want to hear their story. (I'm being verbose in my description of this event, but you get the gist, right?) I must have heard the "Jackie Robinson Story According to Riley" about a hundred times . . . "Hello! My name is Jackie Robinson. I was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. My grandfather was a slave. When I was sixteen months old I moved to 121 Pepper Street, Pasadena, California. etc . . .
He wrote the report, in it's entirety, by himself. I just helped him tweak it a teeny little bit. Like taking out the part about how he was married in a small church to a girl named Rachel on such and such date . . . and adding the part about how he was the first African American to play for a major league baseball team and how he was Rookie of the Year and was the first African American in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Minor changes. He LOVED the part about 121 Pepper Street so we left that in. Whatever. He was cute as can be and it was SUCH good experience for my quiet little guy to do some public speaking. Fun day in the Third Grade. Whoop!

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  1. We do a similar thing. Em has chosen Amelia Earhart. Fun times.


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