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The 4th . . . and Onward

After reading everyone else's posts about their (insert superlative here) 4th of July celebrations, I'm feeling a little bummed. We spent our 4th cleaning the garage and looking for old record albums at Good Will, and filling my newly remodelled pantry (another post for another day). Farting noise, thumbs down. We did have a wonderful time swimming in our friend, Tammy's, pool and grilling hamburgers, but I couldn't help feeling like we were taking advantage of her kindness. See, her husband and sons were at scout camp. And her back is killing her. And still she baked for us the most delicious graham cracker cupcakes with lemon filling and cream cheese frosting with lime zest. She's fancy. That's just how she rolls. Oh, did I forget to mention she also made rice krispie treats with red, white and blue sprinkles? AND Ro-tel dip and chips. AND sliced up a watermelon. Oh, and yeah, she just whipped up a batch of fruity, slushy punch, too. Just for the six of us. No big. She's ridiculously good at entertaining. I brought the hamburger patties and buns. Yeah, I know, advantage was taken. I'll make it up to her somehow . . .

Brent took Sis and D to see fireworks while I stayed home with Riley, who had really high blood sugar and didn't feel well. I guess he enjoyed Tammy's treats every bit as much as Brent and I enjoyed her company. Bad, irresponsible combination. So, for me, the day ended much as it began . . . . Farting noise, thumbs down. Eh. Nothing to lose sleep over.

And now . . . "GREASE is the word" around these parts. I am deeply in the throes of Girl's Camp preparation. Broadway Musicals are the theme, ours is Grease. This is when all the magic happens: making poodle pajama pants instead of skirts (well, ordering plain pants on line and cute-ifying them a bit), tote bags out of t-shirts, saddle shoes out of Keds, bunk decorations out of old records (hence the trip to Good Will). . . The things we do for these girls at camp time. It is truly a pleasure. And a sight to behold when we all get up there. If I can just survive the last minute monkey wrenches that ALWAYS seem to get thrown into my well-oiled plan, we'll be good to go. I can't hardly wait . . . for this to be over. . .

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  1. Grease is the ONE movie/show that I remember my mom not liking us to watch. I can still remember her standing in front of the TV telling us how "bad" it was...that is so funny that it is now a YW camp theme. Of course, I was rocking out to "Like a Virgin" (I was a lost cause). Good luck with all the camp preparations..I am sure that you will make it amazing!


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