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A Funny for While I'm Gone

I'm leaving for Las Vegas any minute now, but I couldn't go without blogging one last time. My youngest is turning 8 in January. Sure, it's a ways off, but in the Mormon church 8 is a pretty significant birthday. It's when we get baptized and become "real" members of the church. We (as in the 5 of us here) like to celebrate with a little shindig after. (You may recall Riley's cupcake buffet last summer). A few years back our friend, Marla, threw the coolest candy party after her son's baptism. My little D has never forgotten it. I thought we would would do something similar. But Baby D has more grandiose plans. We were discussing his baptism the other day and he says, " I was thinking maybe we could have the U2 band come and sing some songs." Hmmmm. Cool, but maybe out of my budget. By just a smidge. I reminded him of how cool a candy party would be. He says, "Yeah. That's cool, but I think I still want the U2 band." Sooooo . . . anyone got any ins with Bono?! A little help here . . .

Back next week!


  1. We are so honored he liked the candy party! Of course, what kid doesn't LOVE candy. U2 would ad a certain flair...what if you and Brent just dress up and do some Karioke that night??

  2. i have an in with bono. or wait. i SHOULD have an in with bono after the number of times i faithfully watched the midnight showing of rattle and hum at the theater on byu campus . . . but i don't. sorry i can't help.


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