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It's Not Every Day . . .

. . . you buy a flute on ebay. At least not around these parts. Sis is thrilled to death!!! We were just going to rent for her for a while to see if this passion du jour sticks -- in a way that cheer leading, dance, and singing have not. We're nothing if not wiser with age. Anyhoo . . . rental was $26.00. PER MONTH!! Guess how much this little beauty was! Just guess!!

Yep. Pays for itself in three months! It's brand new even!! In the same ebay store they were selling pink powder-coated flutes with silver keys. Very cute NOW. In high school and beyond not so much. I talked her into this lovely rose brass plated number. It's really very pretty. And certainly good enough for junior high band. (Junior High! Yikes!) Even if we have to buy her a nicer one in a couple of years, I still feel like I got a killer deal today. And that bargain-elation I'm feeling is almost enough to anesthetize the painful apron string severing I'm currently undergoing. This daughter growing up thing is a brutal operation.


  1. We totally bought Ryan's Sax off Craig's list. Same situation...better to buy it cheap than rent. It is so the way to go! Emily wants to start flute this year now too. It is so crazy that our kids are old enough for BAND!

  2. Katie has been playing my flute for the last 2 years. It seems like not that long ago that I was playing wrong notes and flirting in band class. Of course, she is actually TALENTED, second chair! and luckily, not much of a flirt. She has been in YW one month already & I can't believe how much she has 'grown up' already.


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