My 3 Monsters: My Vacay So Far

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My Vacay So Far

Toyota Sienna: $262.00 per month
Tank full of gas: $45.00
Crock pot full of pinto beans, spilled in the trunk Friday night: $4.00
Various chemicals for attempted removal of pinto beans: $11.00
5 hours in a car after pinto beans have begun to ferment: painful
Sitting behind Marie Osmond at church Sunday morning: priceless

Good times had by all so far!! More to come!


  1. Did Marie autograph a Sacrament meeting program for you?

    Sorry to hear about the beans. But better beans than milk, right?

  2. Yikes! I had a Sam's Club sized jug of oil spill in the back of my van months after I bought it. We ended up pulling up the carpet pad underneath - and STILL to this day, when it gets nice and toasty out (like now) we get that sweet scent of rancid oil... Good luck with those stinky beans!

    So exciting about Marie - now you are famous by affiliation! SWEET!

  3. Marie is my neighbor (ish) and in the ward next to mine. Maybe I'll get lucky and run into you ;). Glad you're having fun... sorry about the beans (yick!)


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