My 3 Monsters: A Glimmer of Hope

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A Glimmer of Hope

My baby girl wants a dog. It's not a secret. Years ago she and her brothers came to me and her father, poised for hard-core negotiation, saying, "We either want a dog or a baby sister. You decide." Done. Neither. But she is relentless. And crafty. A week ago negotiations began again in earnest. This time she was a little more clever, realizing that blatant demands would be poorly received. Buoyed by her recent success raising funds for her iTouch, she laid her deal on the table. "If I can save up $2000 do I have your permission to buy a dog?" Hmmmmm. Of course, tender heart that she is, she wants a shelter dog that she can "save" and the rest of the money would go toward food, etc. She even researched dogs that shed the least and did the best in small spaces. How could I say no to a well conceived plan like that?! It's responsible. It's not immediate. It's almost perfect. The only part I don't like is the part about the dog someday sharing our humble abode. But a family is all about give and take. Who am I to deny my daughter her fondest desire?! I just hope she doesn't save too fast. I need a little time to really get my brain around this promise I have made. In the mean time, she is just enjoying dog sitting. And pictures of dogs on google images. And shows about dog training on Animal Planet. Heaven help me.


  1. Our built in excuse is my sister's allergies. She would never be able to visit us again. So Lucy asked me if we moved to the North Pole (where my sis would apparantly never visit) could we please get a dog. I said sure to that one.

  2. My parents ALWAYS said no to my dog request and I have never understood it. I finally "gave" a cat to my dad for his birthday (we actually borrowed a kitten for a day and ended up keeping her). We all LOVE our rescue dog. What kind of dog does she want?

  3. Where you be? I have been a bit out of the blogging world lately, but everything feels... off when you don't post. I need my daily Amy fix!


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