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Digital Dump

I've been very busy this week. You may have guessed by my lack of blogging. Or you may not have noticed. I've been painting my friend's house while her family was away at scout camp (surprises are THE BEST) and crafting baby gifts for my friend who had triplets and fashioning cool 50's get-ups for my lil' campers and visiting with my baby sister (now 23) and her friend who came down from Vegas for a concert. It has been a fabulous week, but now I'm exhausted and my camera memory card is full. So, in lieu of a clever and/or witty blog post tonight, you get to share the fruits of my digital bounty. Yeah, I know. I AM too kind, really.

For the triplets . . . a girl and two boys. Cutie Patooties.

Another friend's new baby. A variation on a theme. You can't even tell in the pictures, but those pink poodles are sparkly as is the Eiffel tower on the yellow onesie. Washable glitter is 'da bomb!

Leslie (my little sis), Sydney (my Sis), and Kristen (my new wannabe sis)

Sydney loved being with the big girls. They're so cute and fun. And Kristen has an iPhone so they could sit and compare aps. We also shopped at IKEA and made cake balls. Good times.

That's MY get-up for camp. Get it? Cabin Mamas instead of Pink Ladies! Those are just for me and Dee Ann, the other cabin mom. I even put monograms on the front a la Laverne and Shirley. The girls get bright blue t-shirts with the camp theme on them. Cute, but not quite AS cute. As it should be. The girls also get the poodle pants (more of that fun glitter!!) and "saddle" shoes. I love the way it all turned out. I found those sweet vintage bedazzled cat eye glasses on etsy for a steal. Love it!

We melted some records into bowls to hold thank you treats for the kitchen staff and to hold our own treats on the picnic tables outside our cabin.

And kept a few in tact to decorate our bunks.

And, thanks to my friend, Tammy, who finds all the coolest stuff online, I was able to make these sweet little lotto-type scratcher cards for when it's my turn to do devotional.

Did I mention that I LOVE CAMP?! Sure, I stress about it for the last two weeks before we go. (Brent told me the other night that I was being really "fun". I've been around the block enough to know what that really means . . . ) Sure, I want to poke my eyes out when it's fundraiser time. Sure, I lose sleep the night before we go EVERY YEAR with a sick sense of dread and impending doom. But I LOVE it, even still. I truly do. And if I get released before next year when Sis is finally old enough to go, so help me . . .

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