My 3 Monsters: A Trip Down "Memory" Lane

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A Trip Down "Memory" Lane

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Photos (and my good mood) courtesy of Yearbook Yourself 2009.


  1. We enjoyed that very much. You had a few rough years in the late '80's and early 90's but you made it through OK.

    Glad you had a great time at Girls' Camp. You always do an amazing job. They are so lucky to have you!!!
    You should consider being a professional camp director and get paid for it. Maybe you could suggest the idea to the Church?

  2. 1992 is actually a pretty accurate replica of my senior portrait. Sad, huh?

  3. Is it 1996 when you were black? That was my favorite.

  4. I went straight to the website and did tons of me and my family,now I can't open them up! ARGH! You will have to give me a tutorial.
    I laughed and laughed at us! (After laughing and laughing at you, I mean with you...)

  5. LOL! I was going to declare my favorite pic., but really couldn't narrow it down!


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