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The Life o' Riley

I had plans to follow him around all day, secretly taking pictures to document his 9th birthday, but these 4 photos really sum it all up. He's a great, easy-going kid. Always has been. Since the day he was born. He's also tender-hearted and kind. He puts up with a lot and forgives easily. He's both patient and courageous beyond his years. It's not the in-your-face bravado of his little brother. Rather, the quiet, long-suffering courage of a little man who already knows life has its trials and disappointments. He shouldn't already know that at 9.

I love that sweet face with the little upturned nose and the ginormous cowlick.
Rarely will you see this guy without his game in hand. That one's new today. . . his third Nintendo DS in as many years. They just aren't made to withstand a love like his.
Even on his birthday, ESPECIALLY on his birthday with all the cake and goodies, the blood sugar checks and insulin are unavoidable.
Every one of those teeny tiny white and/or pink dots on his tan belly is a reminder of how long the past three years have been. That's 1095 days. 547+ infusion sets. 5,470 seconds spent "getting in the zone" for one more poke. And an unquantifiable amount of character being built in this sweet, unassuming little boy.
Here's to 99 more wonderful years, big guy! Being a character, however tangential I may become, in the long, long Life o' Riley is one of the crowning achievements of my own life.

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  1. We say "ditto" to all you said. We love him too and are so proud of him.

    Grannie Annie and Papa.


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