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As promised, I am going public with my health-kick progress and . . . . drumroll . . . I have lost 9 pounds!!! Here's the kicker: I've not had a drop of soda. In THREE WEEKS!!! I've actually really tried to avoid any drinks with calories and/or flavor. Not lemonade. (OK, twice.) Not even Crystal Light. I just had to go cold turkey. I feel really fantastic. I think I'm more in tune with what my body needs. I've learned that, quite often, when I thought I was hungry I was really just thirsty. For water. Who knew?!

Sadly, I've not done as well getting to the gym. I'm averaging twice a week. Boo. Rob, maybe it's time for one of those verbally abusive phone calls you promised. I've just over-committed my mornings and if I don't get to the gym before I put my hair and make-up in order, it's not gonna' happen. So I'm renewing my commitment to exercise. Yesterday I went to my first cycle/spin class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was not easy and my bum is so very sore, but I'll go again later this week. Mark my words.


  1. Spin classes are funny...lots of times I pretend to add more turns (the ones that make it harder to pedal) on the bike. Did you go with a friend? You are going to the gym more than me...and that's including my work shifts :)

  2. 9 lbs, that is impressive! I want to lose 9 lbs... Congrats!!! Glad to see the break-up w/soda is paying off!

  3. Woo-hoo! Way to go! And that 9 lbs. was without regular exercise. Imagine what will happen when you hit the gym more often! That is awesome...congrats!


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