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We're SOOOOO . . . Cool?

Take a look at that last picture I posted. Yeah, the one before the Def Leppard concert. I didn't notice late Saturday night -- in fact not until one of those fine gentlemen pointed it out himself -- that, while the two in the middle are flashing the "rock on" hand sign, the men on either end of the line are kindly saying that they love you in sign language. Awwwww. That's so cute.

Now. Lest you think that both of those middle boys are so "Bad A"(because I KNOW that's what you were thinking . . .), let me tell you that the taller one, the one who is not so much my husband, made all the men drive by his house before they left so he could kiss his wife goodbye, having forgotten to do so before he left originally. Nice. My husband, upon leaving for the evening, took all the cash out of my wallet and blew me a kiss from the door. So, yeah. I married the only TRUE Bad A@# in the bunch. Yeah me!


  1. That is hilarious! I especially love how the one on the far right looks so proud of himself. As well he should.

  2. LUCKY! My stud is the one mentioned above (on the far right) yeah... he's a wanna be rocker - I'm good with that :)


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