My 3 Monsters: What've I Done to Deserve This?

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What've I Done to Deserve This?

Overheard yesterday morning: The boys in their room "getting ready for church". (Yeah, right.)
Ri: Come and get me!
D: I can't beat you up right now because Mom said not to.
Really, he didn't ask, but that was a lucky guess.

After church: The whole family meets in our designated meeting spot. No one has seen D. Brent leaves to make the rounds and look for him. A minute later D saunters out, hands in pockets, cool as a cucumber.
Me: Did Dad find you?
D: (with a wink) Nope. I found myself.

Oy Vey!!! I love my kids. I truly do.

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  1. Kids can keep you guessing at every turn! Glad he's got humor at such a young age ;)


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